wolford-waitress.jpgWorkers Compensation

Vocational Rehabilitation services to assist in the identification and explanation of the impact of the injured worker’s on-the-job injury from a vocational perspective.

  • Loss of Earning Capacity Evaluation
  • Transferable Skills Analysis
  • Labor Market Analysis
  • Employability Assessment
  • Industrial Disability Assessment
  • Vocational Case Management


Disability and Social Security

Expert clinical file reviews by physicians and nurses as well as forensic vocational services that provide the carrier with an external and impartial opinion to assist with claims management.

  • Clinial File Review - Physician or Nurse
  • Transferable Skills Analysis
  • Labor Market Analysis
  • Employability Assessment
  • Occupational Analysis
  • File Consultation
  • Job Analysis
  • Vocational Case Management
  • Job Placement
  • Social Security Evaluations


Behavioral Health

Clinical file reviews by a Licensed Mental Health Practitioner, Psychologist or Psychiatrist designed to provide an assessment of the individual’s treatment and mental health status as it pertains to employability.

  • Clinical File Review
  • Treating Provider Contact
  • File Consultation
  • Employability Assessment
  • Vocational Case Management

Settlement Solutions Partner

Blackburn Group, Inc.'s MSA is Wolford Consulting LLC's established Strategic Partner for additional Insurance Settlement Solutions.


The partnership provides customers with an additional wealth of knowledge, resources, and abilities to accelerate their Settlement Solutions. In addition, it provides our continued commitment to quality, cost effective service, integrity, and results you can trust.

  • An Array of Products and Services:
  • Lien Verifications
  • Lien Negotiations
  • Accelerated Settlement Medical Cost Projections
  • Medicare Set-Asides (MSA)
  • Certified Life Care Planning
  • Structured Settlements & much more...

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